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All Purpose Oil

All Purpose Oil

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All purpose oil is infused with fresh papaya and topped off with lavender seeds. It helps with moisturizing the skin and hair. Also help even the tone for the skin, hair growth, reduces anxiety, provides relief from scalp irritation, and plenty more benefits. 


    Almond oil, Avocado Oil, Fresh Papaya, Lavender Seeds, Chamomile Flowers, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lavendin Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

    How to use

    Apply to clean skin or scalp. Massage oil until oil is fully absorbed.
    For Diffusers/Steamers: Add a few drops for a welcoming citrus scent into into the atmosphere, to stimulate your senses and help boost your wellbeing.

    *External use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

    Key Facts

    *For skin, hair, diffuser, steamer, and feet.
    *Apply to skin to provide moisture and relief from minor skin conditions.
    *Apply to hair to provide moisture, hair growth, and release irritation on scalp.
    *Apply to feet to help cracked feet.
    *Add to diffuser or steamer and inhale our citrus aroma to experience relaxation, uplift your spirit, kill bacteria, and plenty more benefits!

    Cruelty Free, Natural, Non GMO, Organic, Paraben Free, Phthalates Free, & Vegan

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