Our Story

F.L.Y.S Collection LC was formed behind the beauty. The abbreviation of F.L.Y.S represents: Forever Love Your Skin. With F.L.Y.S Collection, we provide products that give you reinsurance of how beautiful or handsome you are in your skin. No matter what skin type you might have such as your skin color, blemishes, scars, or stretch marks. We promote rocking your skin like it is your favorite shirt. The F.L.Y.S family loves your skin and so should you. With every product we release, we have handmade with our special ingredients: love, care, and humbleness. This is a place where you are accepted for who you are. Your inner beauty will be revealed in how you present yourself. Every drop, every rub that you put onto your skin will show others that beauty. Show others that you are humble and have self-love. However, it starts off with you. You have to believe it and speak it into existence. Always remember, you are your skin and your skin is you; you are beautiful.